When will the movie be made?

We’ll begin pre-production as soon as the crowdfunding campaign ends (if we reach our goal).

When will the movie be released?

Our goal is to release the movie by early 2022. We intend to release the film theatrically in as many cities and theaters as possible. And all the backers above $30 will get their digital copies within a few days of the film’s theatrical release. <gdiv></gdiv>

How will I get my digital download?

You’ll be able to get your digital version possibly through popular digital retailers—we’ll keep you posted)). We will send you an email with a code and redemption instructions for your choice when the digital version is ready.

Where is my money going?

All the funds will go into a Soulmates Movie Project production account.

How do screenings work?

If you purchase a screening, we will make arrangements to show the film at a theater near your hometown when the film is ready. We’ll work with you to coordinate dates and locations and make our best effort to find a theater nearby and a time that works. We’re going to try to do these screenings before the film’s release so you get to see it early, but we can’t promise that will work out in every case. But we’ll make sure you at least get your screening in the first week of the theatrical run.

I posted a question to the site, when will I get a response?

We receive questions on a regular basis. Sometimes, the number gets very high. The easy ones we're trying to answer quickly. Some of them are things we never considered, and we're having to drill down a bit. We will get to them all.

Will there be more rewards offered?

We expect to add new rewards right up until the final day of the campaign. Remember, if you see a new tier you like, you can always change your pledge to sign up for the new one. Be sure to change both the amount you are pledging AND select the new reward.

Will the poters and photo signatures be real?

Yes. We're building a couple extra days into every actor's deal to handle nothing but signing stuff. They know when they sign aboard the Soulmates movie that this is part of the deal. I think the first thousand might be fun. The rest will be the Bataan Death March, but we're committed and we'll do it.

How will you know what name to use to thank me on the official website?

Great question, especially for those of you working under pseudonyms. Luckily, we've thought of everything. We will contact all the backers and let you choose whether you want to be thanked on the website, and if so, what name you'd like to use.

What if I do not want to be thanked on the official website?

No one will be thanked against their will. When we contact you to ask for your reward preferences, you'll have a chance to tell us if you'd rather not be named on the website. Either way, though, we'll still be grateful to you. You're stuck with us there, friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

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